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Dust Wash

Dust Wash was developed jointly between HCT and a major power company.  The key to safely handling coal in power plants is vigilant housekeeping.  Coal dust, especially PRB coal dust is very combustible and prone to spontaneous combustion the longer it is exposed to air and allowed to oxidize.  The danger comes from small puffs or explosions that occur.  If your facility is not free of coal dust, these minor explosions cause dust to fall from rafters, light fixtures and walls creating a second, much larger explosion.

To mitigate the dust, plain water is often used, but if there is a hot spot, water will cause a flare-up that could cause harm to personnel or even a secondary explosion.  Dust Wash will not cause burning coal to flare-up.  In addition, tripper rooms and other areas of the plant often lack adequate drainage.  Water used to clean the dust ends up in the silo.  Too much water in the silo can lead to spontaneous combustion.

A simple solution is to apply Dust Wash at 0.5% to 1% with a 2-3 gpm power washer.  Dust Wash is a combination encapsulator agent to capture the coal dust and a foaming agent to lift the dust from the surface.  Very little water will be used and the Dust Wash required will be minimal.  A 55-gallon drum of Dust Wash should last about 30 hours of continuous cleaning.