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Fire Control

F-500 Encapsulator Technology is our patented, multi-purpose fire suppression agent effective on Class A, B, and D type fires. F-500 is in use by thousands of industrial facilities, power generation plants, and municipal fire departments.

F-500 is a Micelle Encapsulator Fire Suppression Agent. F-500 is a multi-purpose agent used worldwide for various applications. The fire suppression mechanics and technology utilized by F-500 are vastly different than conventional foam. F-500 forms and maintains micelles, “chemical cocoons,” around the hydrocarbon fuel neutralizing the fuel leg of the fire tetrahedron rather than forming a blanket depriving the fire of oxygen.

F-500 Encapsulator Agent has been proven in the field and tested by numerous certification and regulatory agencies around the world. F-500 Encapsulator Agent currently holds approvals, certifications, listings, and classification; cULus Classification, MPA Dresden Approval, Italian Encapsulator Agent Certification, China Type Approval, RINA Approval, ABS Approval, Lloyds Approval, and others for various Class A, Class B, and Class D fire suppression applications.

Typical application rates depending on testing agency, test protocols, and application are:

Class A: 0.25% – 1%
Class B: 1% – 6%
Class D: 1% – 3%

In addition to fire suppression approvals, F-500 Encapsulator Agent holds various environmental approvals and listings.

Contact us for more information on your specific fire or environmental applications and needs.