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TKO Dust Wash Housekeeping Nozzles

A routine housekeeping program is the best way to prevent combustible dust build-up that could lead to explosions. The “Turbo Kleen and Overhaul” (TKO) Dust Wash Housekeeping Nozzle becomes a convenient delivery system when used with Dust Wash. Using Dust Wash facilitates routine housekeeping in environments with combustible dusts. The Dust Wash safely loosens and lifts the dust, allowing it to wash away with minimal water, and since the Dust Wash is educted at the nozzle, gallons of agent aren’t wasted in the hose after the wash down is completed.

The new TKO Nozzles carry a 2 liter (.52 gallon) container to instantly educt a proportioned amount of Dust Wash into the water stream. The nozzles are available with flow rates of 75 liters per minute (20 gpm) or 130 liters per minute (35 gpm). The nozzles are adjustable for streaming or fog pattern and the proportioning rate can be easily changed. The fog pattern is perfect to avoid stirring up volatile dust during wash down operations. If more Dust Wash is needed, the bottle can be quickly replaced. The hose connection is a standard 1 ½” NH-NST fitting.