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Sphag Sorb Solutions

Spill Concerns & Speed of clean up

SPHAG SORB absorbs and encapsulates on contact, so the availability of SPHAG SORB on site can reduce the impact of the spill, this decreasing the time and effort required for clean up.

Health and Safety of Employees and Public

SPHAG SORB is 100% natural, organic and non-toxic. SPHAG SORB is also a very effective vapor suppressant.

Environmental Impact

The quick wicking action and non-leaching characteristics of SPHAG SORB limit the amount of soaking into the affected surface reducing contamination.

Associated Damages

Non-abrasive and non-leaching.

Cost of clean up

An immediate response and quick product application will reduce environmental impact and cut expense. SPHAG SORB’S light weight makes it easy to handle, and cuts shipping/disposal costs.

Alberta Environment Involvement

SPHAG SORB meets all the qualifications required for responsible waste management.

Corporate Image

Conscientious use of SPHAG SORB denotes a responsible community member concerned for the environment and the health and welfare of its residents.