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TKO F-500 EA Nozzles

The new F-500 EA “Turbo Knockdown and Overhaul” (TKO) Nozzles carry F-500 Encapsulator Agent to deliver extreme knockdown power. The F-500 EA encapsulates the fuel, cools the fuel and surrounding structures and interrupts the free radical chain reaction. Any one of these three elements can extinguish a fire. Under the nozzle, is a 2 liter (.52 gallon) container that instantly educts a proportioned amount of F-500 EA into the water stream. The nozzles are available with flow rates of 75 liters per minute (20 gpm) or 130 liters per minute (35 gpm). The nozzles are adjustable for streaming or fog pattern and the proportioning rate can be easily changed. If more F-500 EA is needed, a new bottle can be quickly replaced. The hose connection is a standard 1 ½” NH-NST fitting.

Adding F-500 EA to the water stream provides fast knockdowns and allows the firefighter to attack Class A, Class B nonpolar fires (gasoline, oil), Class B polar fires (today’s ethanol-blended fuels) and even high temperature Class D metal fires, without explosions. Since the agent is part of the nozzle, the TKO Nozzle is quickly deployed and is excellent for fires too large for a fire extinguisher, yet too small for a full attack. Also, gallons of agent aren’t wasted in the hose after the fire is extinguished, because the F-500 EA is educted at the nozzle, not at the pumper.

The TKO Nozzle is excellent for today’s hotter car fires. The F-500 EA rapidly extinguishes the vehicle’s high-temperature magnesium components, burning tires, plastics, high-voltage batteries and fuels. If any fuel is spilled on the roadway, the TKO Nozzle can be used to encapsulate the fuel, rendering it nonflammable. There’s no need to spread absorbents that need to be cleaned up later. The spilled fuel and F-500 EA can be left to evaporate, if permitted by local regulations.