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Hydrolock Encapsulator Agent

HydroLock is an Encapsulator Agent formulated to degas and emulsify hydrocarbons.  When mixed at 3% with water, HydroLock molecules encapsulate the hydrocarbon vapors and liquid forming micelles or “chemical cocoons,” rendering the hydrocarbon nonflammable, nonignitable and nonexplosive.  LEL’s quickly drop to zero allowing quick entry into the vessel or removal of the hydrocarbon liquid and sludge.  HydroLock works on all hydrocarbons; crude oil, gasoline, ethanol-blended fuels, as well as H2S (hydrogen sulfide), some acids and has proven to be effective on pyrophoric iron (iron sulfide) scaling.  In addition, HydroLock quickly removes build-up on vessel walls and breaks down sludge.

The key to HydroLock’s success is its ability to save time.  Where venting a tank to remove flammable vapors could take many hours, HydroLock encapsulates the hydrocarbons in a fraction of the time.  Turnaround time is reduced and the vessel can be returned to service.

HydroLock is also nontoxic, noncorrosive and biodegradable.  HydroLock ingredients comply with CEPA 1999* and are specifically listed for use in soil washing, explosive gas devaporation and removing oils and sludges from equipment and piping.

*CEPA 1999 listing does not mean that CEPA approves, recommends, licenses, certifies or authorizes the use of HydroLock.