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Tank Degassing

HydroLock™ is a unique encapsulator agent formulation that renders flammable liquids and vapors inert. In addition, it also emulsifies hydrocarbon sludge and residue.

HydroLock in solution with water seeks out and surrounds various forms of hydrocarbons and foms a molecular bond around the hydrocarbon molecule. These encapsulated flammable liquids and vapors are reduced to an LEL of zero. HydroLock is batch mixed or proportioned into the water supply and may be sprayed, steamed, circulated, or left to stand in the vessel.

Why Use Hazard Control Technologies’ HydroLock degassing, cleaning, and encapsulating agent?


  • Ability to encapsulate hydrocarbon liquids and vapors and reduce the flash point (LEL/VOC)
  • Non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-hazardous, 100% biodegradable, and non skin-sensitizing
  • Mitigates Benzene, E-85, E-90, H2S, and Pyrophoric Iron concerns.


  • Reduces cleaning project’s duration; contractors can complete more projects and owners get higher utilization from their tanks, vessels, and personnel.
  • Reduces steam-out time, allows quick vessel entry, and facilitates sludge breakdown and removal
  • Ability to be merged into shutdown operations, minimizing turnaround time and reducing cost
  • A 3% addition to sludge creates a slurry that allows for easy removal that’s non-flammable, non-combustable, and safe to transport to the waste site.


HydroLock and it’s ingredients were found to comply with CEPA 1999 and are specifically listed for use in soil washing, explosive gas devaporization, and removing oils and sludges from equipment and piping.

 CEPA 1999 listing does NOT mean that CEPA approves, recommends, licenses, certifies, or authorizes the use of HydroLock