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Encapsulock Encapsulator Agent

As an Encapsulator Agent, EncapsuLock is recommended for mitigating hydrocarbon spills and for odor control.  EncapsuLock works by encapsulating hydrocarbon molecules and rendering them nonflammable and nonignitable.  It is an environmentally friendly agent that has multiple capabilities. EncapsuLock is fully biodegradable and nontoxic.

Spill Control

Accidental hydrocarbon spills occur and can be remediated with EncapsuLock.  Applied with water through a sprayer or nozzle at 3%, EncapsuLock will attach to the hydrocarbon molecules forming a micelle or “chemical cocoon.”  If the spill occurs on a hard surface, the agitation of the spray provides the energy needed to create the micelle action.  The hydrocarbon will be nonflammable and nonignitable in a few minutes.

Soil Washing

If the spill occurs on soil, EncapsuLock’s ability to penetrate will allow the encapsulation process to take place over time.  Natural bioremediation occurs.  The EncapsuLock breaks up the hydrocarbons and provides a rich environment for the microorganisms.  Independent testing of soil penetration in undisturbed soil has found EncapsuLock to penetrate soil down to 36” in one week, whereas a competitive agent only penetrated 18”.  Another soil test showed a 76% reduction in PPM after four monthly applications to a contaminated site.  During treatment, before the natural bioremediation can occur, the soil is safe with LEL levels at zero, even after rain.

Odor Control

Testing at the University of Parma in Italy found EncapsuLock capable of significantly reducing the odor from organic waste for about a week.  The agent is applied at 3% through a fine misting device.  The EncapsuLock attaches to the organic vapors and encapsulates them, in this case, preventing odors from emanating.