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Handy Packs

Handy Packs are portable reservoirs that deliver a metered amount of chemical agent into the water stream.  When filled with F-500 Encapsulator Agent, Handy Packs are excellent for first responders to extinguish small fires or to mitigate hydrocarbon spills.  They can also be filled with Dust Wash for safe, routine housekeeping involving combustible dusts.

Handy Packs are connected to a 1” or 1 ½” water hose and can provide 1% F-500 EA solution for up to 25 minutes for a Class A fire or up to 8 minutes at 3% for a Class B fire.  F-500 EA can be used on all Class B fires, polar and nonpolar, including gasoline, oil, diesel fuel, ethanol and ethanol-blended fuels.  For a hydrocarbon fuel spill, the 5-gallon model has enough F-500 Encapsulator Agent to render 40 gallons of hydrocarbon nonflammable and nonignitable.  F-500 EA is also very effective on Class D combustible metals such as titanium, magnesium and aluminum and is excellent in metal fabrication plants where metal shavings and grindings present a problem.  Handy Packs come with a unique self-educting, 20-gpm nozzle capable of extinguishing almost any incipient fire.  The nozzle is machined from high-grade aluminum alloy with a 50 micron anodized, PTFE impregnated coating to ensure years of useful service.

Both the 2 ½ and 5-gallon models are available as backpacks with adjustable, padded straps for added portability.  The reservoir is a durable, high-impact polyethylene.

  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Ergonomic design for maximum comfort
  • Superior reach and penetration
  • Durable, high-impact polyethylene reservoir