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An F-500 Encapsulator Agent Quick Attack Mobile Unit is an excellent choice for first responders who expect to need more extinguishing power than a fire extinguisher.  In situations where water is not available, QAMU is the answer for the incipient fire brigade.  QAMU contains 33-gallons of F-500 EA and water and is ready at all times for emergencies.  A consistent, even flow of F-500 EA solution is propelled by a nitrogen cylinder on the rear of the reservoir.  QAMU is the ultimate, 33-gallon, self-contained fire extinguisher.

QAMU has a stainless steel cylinder for years of service and can be refilled and recharged after deployment.  A 50-foot hose and nozzle are provided with a mounting bracket.  The streaming distance is 35-40 feet.  QAMU has large wheels to cover rough terrain quickly.

The key to the Quick Attack Mobile Unit is the F-500 Encapsulator Agent with its ability to cool fuel and surrounding structures while encapsulating the fuel, making it nonflammable and nonignitable.  The interruption of the free radical chain reaction reduces the smoke and toxins, increasing visibility.  F-500 EA makes QAMU excellent for all Class A and Class B fires, including nonpolar solvents, such as diesel fuel, gasoline, oil or jet fuel and polar solvents like ethanol and ethanol-blended fuels used in today’s cars.  QAMU would also excel extinguishing Class D combustible metals such as titanium, magnesium or aluminum shavings or grindings found at a machining facility due to its amazing cooling capability.  Finally, F-500 EA’s ability to encapsulate makes QAMU the solution for hydrocarbon spills.  The 33-gallons of F-500 EA solution could render 8-gallons of diesel fuel or ethanol-blended fuel nonflammable and nonignitable in minutes.