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F500 Training Preview Video

This is a Preview of the power point slide, shown in Movie format, lasting approximately 38 minutes. This preview (Technical Presentation) is part one  of three in the training that earned CEU’s in the State of Georgia. Part two is a field demonstration, and part three is a Q&A Session followed by a test.
Some topics covered:
  • Demonstration and documentation of Class, A, B, C, and D fires with one agent
  • Polar and Non-Polar fires
  • 3 Dimensional fires
  • Example of incredible savings on Water and money
  • Enhance safety procedures
  • Major Reduction of cleanup
  • Environmental advantages
  • Non corrosive to equipment.
  • A short video on effectiveness on E85
Obviously, in a live presentation, there is discussion during the slides. Call us to schedule your on-site training.