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Fire Extinguishers

The superior cooling ability and fuel encapsulation provided by F-500 Encapsulator Agent give the F-500 EA Fire Extinguisher a lot of insipient fire protection in a small package.  This 2 ½-gallon unit is ideal for first responders handling Class A or Class B fires, whether it’s nonpolar, like gasoline, diesel fuel or oil or polar, like ethanol or the ethanol-blended fuels we use in cars today.  F-500 EA also has excellent burnback resistance, so once the fire is out, you can move on to the next hazard without worrying the fire will reignite.

As an encapsulator agent, the F-500 EA Fire Extinguisher can be used for hydrocarbon spill control.  Instead of spreading absorbent, which becomes flammable after application, the F-500 EA solution will render the fuel nonflammable and nonignitable.  A single fire extinguisher could easily encapsulate a half-gallon fuel spill in minutes, perfect for small gas station spills.

The F-500 EA Fire Extinguisher is available with three different nozzles; straight bore, water mist wand and 4A, which has four streams for better penetration and broader coverage.

Ten-ounce F-500 EA recharge kits are available to easily prepare your extinguisher for the next fire or spill.  Simply remove the head assembly, pour in the contents of the 10-ounce F-500 EA bottle and 2 ½-gallons of water and screw on the head assembly.  Add 100 psi compressed air from a standard tire chuck and the extinguisher is ready to go.

The stainless steel cylinder will provide many years of service and the F-500 EA will give you the extinguishing power needed for most incipient fires.