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Thermal Imaging Cameras

Hazard Control Technologies offers thermal imaging cameras as support equipment for firefighters. Thermal imaging cameras are very useful for firefighters to locate fire in smoke-filled spaces and are excellent during overhaul, to identify remaining hot spots after a fire. For combustible dust applications, thermal imaging is crucial in discovering and pinpointing hot spots in silos, bunkers and stockpiles. Thermal imaging cameras are included with every piercing rod kit HCT sells, since locating the hot spot is necessary to insert the piercing rod into the right place. Thermal imaging then confirms the fire has been extinguished. Also pertinent to combustible dust applications are periodic inspections of roller bearings, electrical boxes, motors and machinery near combustible materials. These cameras can detect heat anomalies before they create a hazard and often predict potential equipment failures so maintenance can be conveniently scheduled before it causes an expensive work stoppage.
E-Series Point and Shoot cameras are the economical, rugged solution for any general thermal imaging predictive maintenance, daily walk-downs or hazard events. The E-Series Performance cameras add increased resolution, higher temperature range, larger LCD display, video recording and assorted other features.