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Among the many modern challenges facing firefighters are Class C fires related to aging transformers in the United States, the growing use of lithium-ion batteries for energy storage, and solar panels for residential, commercial and industrial applications.


Transformer Fires – The average transformer today is 40 years old; one in five will result in a fire.  Neither water, nor foam will extinguish this Class B, three-dimensional fire in a reasonable time and powders don’t cool the massive metal.  Not only has F-500 Encapsulator Agent been tested and recommended by ConEdison for application on transformer fires, but it can be applied to energizedtransformer fires to save time.  Read related SOGs.

Lithium-ion Batteries – Multiple companies have found F-500 EA to be the only practical agent to extinguish electric and hybrid car fires, as well as lithium-ion battery storage facilities.

Solar Panel Fires – Solar panels continue producing electricity during a fire. Foam is conductive and should never be used for these fires. F-500 EA will cool the panels and extinguish the fire, without electrical feedback to the nozzle.

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