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Video – The Manston Fire Wall

When training, there’s something about a tough fire, like this three dimensional, flowing fuel fire. Water just makes it mad; foam isn’t going to work. You need F-500 Encapsulator Agent.

NFPA 11 Annex A.1.1 states, “Foam is not suitable for three-dimensional flowing liquid fuel fires or for gas fires.”

Only F-500 EA is going to rapidly cool the metal and vapors that sustain ignition. Only F-500 EA encapsulates the vapors, rendering them nonflammable. Only F-500 EA virtually eliminates carcinogenic toxins and steam. And only F-500 EA can be used on Class A, Class B polar and nonpolar, Class D, and has been recommended for lithium-ion battery car fires and transformer fires.

This video shows rapid extinguishment on a difficult three-dimensional fire.

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Put the Engineered Advantage of F-500 Encapsulator Agent to work for you.