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There’s only one firefighting agent that can be used to extinguish Class A, Class B polar, Class B nonpolar, Class D fires and is recommended for transformer fires and lithium-ion battery fires. And no other agent can encapsulate spilled fuels and render them nonflammable. But can F-500 EA compete head to head against high-expansion AFFF?

You bet it can.

Foam has to form a blanket to smother a fire. Even with high expansion foam, this can be a challenge on three-dimensional fires. Plus, foam does very little to cool and actually traps in the heat, causing reignition.

Only F-500 EA is going to rapidly cool the tires and encapsulate the oil exuding from the tires, rendering them nonflammable. Only F-500 EA virtually eliminates cancer-causing toxins and steam.

Enjoy this video as F-500 EA and foam are shown side-by-side on these three-dimensional fires.

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Put the Engineered Advantage of F-500 Encapsulator Agent to work for you.