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Many of the fires firefighters respond to are car fires and today’s car fires must be approached with great caution. To make cars lighter for better fuel mileage, many components are made of Class D magnesium.  Applying water or foam will cause a dangerous explosion that could cause injury to the firefighter or damage to expensive gear.

In this video, you will see firefighters confronted with a fully involved, magnesium steering column burning at over 5,000ºF. These firefighters were using only 1% F-500 EA, and yet you will see there were no magnesium explosions. Although we recommend Class D fires be approached with a 3% solution of F-500 Encapsulator Agent, 1% F-500 EA is safe for the small amount of magnesium in car fires. It just takes a little longer to cool the magnesium.

Using F-500 EA on car fires not only provides that extra margin of safety, preventing magnesium flash, but also is recommended by third parties for today’s lithium-ion battery, hybrid and electric car fires. And if there’s a fuel spill, F-500 EA will not only extinguish both polar Class B ethanol-blended E10 and nonpolar Class B diesel fuel, but it will safely encapsulate the fuel spill, allowing the fuel to quickly evaporate without the fear of ignition.

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