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Recently, I engaged in an online conversation where suppression agents were compared with one another. By the end of the discussion, three agents were left battling out details where we tried to out perform each other with facts and technical data. We weren’t fooled by foams saying they could do the same thing our F-500 encapsulator agent does and I hope you won’t be fooled either.

Snake Oil?

This is one of the biggest terms used when foam guys talk about F-500. The reason they say this is because they are afraid. Afraid of the power of our product and how much our product improves the safety and execution of fire fighting today. There are currently eight types of foams that are used on class A, B, and D fires. The training, mix, and equipment needed are different for each. You can’t use foam on a class C fire because of conductivity. F-500 EA can be used on all four of these classes and you’ll get the same superior performance each and every time.

Take fire fighting to the next level with the best fire suppression agent on the market. Plus, it’s safe for the environment. It’s safe for the fire fighter. It’s safe to use on four classes of fire.

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