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F-500 Encapsulator Agent extinguishes a fire by encapsulating the fuel, rapidly cooling and interrupting the free radical chain reaction, but the ability to encapsulate fuels makes F-500 EA a very versatile tool.You’re at a highway accident scene with a leaking fuel tank from one of the cars. It might be on fire. You could lay a blanket of foam. The foam sits on top of the fuel and traps in the heat. The bubbles will break down and reignition can occur.  So, you lay down more foam. This is probably a polar, ethanol-blended fuel, like E10, so you’re using expensive AR-AFFF. The fuel is still flammable, so you use absorbents to clean up the area, but now the absorbents are flammable. The absorbents must be removed at great expense as a hazardous material.


You could quickly extinguish the fire with F-500 Encapsulator Agent. With a 95 gpm nozzle, it only takes about 20 seconds to fully encapsulate an 8 gallon fuel spill. You could confirm the LELs are at near zero and allow traffic to drive through. The fuel will safely evaporate.

This video will show how easily fuel is encapsulated.