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In today’s economy, many fire department budgets are stretched to the limits. Tough decisions have to be made and sometimes those decisions can have dire consequences. When will you be able to upgrade your equipment? Will the old equipment work for another year or two? How can we afford the training we need? Are the men and women safe if we cut back on personnel? These are tough choices faced every day. We can help and make a significant difference in how far your money goes. One way to save lots of money is to use F-500 Encapsulator Agent. Firefighters around the world understand the benefits of using F-500 Encapsulator Agent over foam.


  • Replace 3 different classes of foam with F-500 EA.
  • Use less precious water for your city and state.
  • Reduce man hours because of the quick knockdown.
  • No absorbents needed.
  • No need to call a HAZMAT team to handle clean up.

Watch how F-500 handles this gasoline spill

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-Carmelo Dela Fuente
(209) 480-1935