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The Need to Conserve

In our state, conserving water is a must in times of drought.  This can be hard, if not impossible, when fighting forest and structure fires all year. F-500 encapsulator agent is the answer for California.

forest fire

F-500 Encapsulator Agent

  • Rapidly cools fuel and surrounding structures
  • Encapsulates fuel rendering it nonflammable and nonignitable
  • Interrupts the free radical chain reaction – less toxic smoke; better visibility
  • Eliminates scorching steam
  • Eliminates burn back
  • Uses less water

See it to Believe it

Better technology delivers better results and F-500 EA saves water by putting out fires faster and more efficiently. This will also save time and energy if another emergency were to arise. Find out more information by contacting me and setting up an appointment.

Until then, enjoy this video where F-500 EA is tested against foam with a CAFS system. The difference in water used is amazing!

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