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“I just don’t understand why every firefighter isn’t using F-500 EA.”

We hear that time and again.  We’ve told you how F-500 Encapsulator Agent virtually eliminates carcinogens in the smoke and results in a warm vapor, instead of scalding steam.  We’ve told you this one product can replace Class A foam, AFFF, AR-AFFF and powders. It’s the only recommended fire suppression agent for lithium-ion battery car fires and ConEdison testing proves it can be applied to energized transformer fires (up to 500 kV). How many fires are three-dimensional? NFPA 11 says foam is not suitable for 3D fires. You need F-500 EA. It can save your fire department money.

Still not convinced?

Attached are twenty real world scenarios where F-500 Encapsulator Agent succeeded, against the competition.

If we can help you with any questions about F-500 Encapsulator Agent, Pinnacle foam or HCT’s portable delivery equipment, please don’t hesitate to call.

Put the Engineered Advantage of F-500 Encapsulator Agent to work for you.

F500 Success stories