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On a Tuesday morning, the Watertown Fire Department responded to a tire fire in Dodge County, Wisconsin. It turned out to be the largest coordinated fire in the state of Wisconsin with 106 fire departments responding with 920 firefighters. One million tires were involved. Failing to control the fire, the Chief was told about F-500 Encapsulator Agent. Within 24 hours, a truckload of F-500 EA arrived at the Wisconsin border and was escorted by state police to the scene.

After two and a half days, on Thursday evening, they began applying F-500 EA. During the night, they were already gaining control of the fire. The F-500 EA was able to penetrate the tires, rapidly cool and encapsulate the burning oils, exuding from the tires. Overhaul continued until Sunday morning when the fire was declared to be extinguished.

You should read this excellent article.  The pictures are amazing.

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one million tires