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How Fast Can You Safely Extinguish an Ethanol Fire?

FF TrainingYou are the guardians of the highways in your area.  And those car fires are hotter than ever with synthetics, plastics, tires, magnesium components, lithium-ion batteries and polar or nonpolar Class B fuels.  One agent handles all of those hazards – F-500 EA.

Today’s ethanol-blended fuels, like E10 and E85 are Class B polar solvents and require the more expensive foams – AR-AFFF. . . or, you could just use F-500 EA, which is excellent on Class A, B and D fires.

This video shows F-500 EA on a pure ethanol fire.  If it can extinguish pure ethanol, you know it can handle E10 or E85.

Take a look:




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