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If you have any fires at your facility, water is not the answer.  Water does not penetrate under the surface of piles where fires can burn continuously. Water does not cool efficiently and water must never be used on Class D metal fires due to explosions. Foams are designed to form a blanket to separate the fuel from the oxygen. Meanwhile, foam traps in the heat and combustion continues beneath the surface of piles. Foam, also must not be applied to Class D fires. Powders can be applied to Class D fires, but they don’t cool. You will have re-ignition.

If any types of fires are a threat at your facility, there is a simple solution – F-500 Encapsulator Agent. 

By educting 1-3% F-500 EA in your hand lines, you change the cooling mechanism of water from steam conversion to thermal conveyance. F-500 EA can be delivered from a fire extinguisher, standard firefighting nozzle or fixed suppression systems.

With Class D metal fires, the protective skin of F-500 EA prevents the water drops from converting to explosive hydrogen and oxygen.

Watch the video to see what happens when water is applied to magnesium. F-500 EA is applied without dangerous explosions and rapidly reduces the temperature from 5000ºF to under 100ºF in seconds!