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I’d like to intLogoroduce myself as the new representative for Environmental & Lubrication Solutions, Inc. and Hazard Control Technologies in the great state of California!

My name is Carmelo Dela Fuente and I work with various fire departments and industries educating and marketing about a life saving product, F-500 encapsulator agent. The dangers of fires have changed over the years and so should the technology to fight those fires. F-500 EA will provide fire fighters with tremendous knockdown capability and permanent burn back resistance.

I’ll be blogging about F-500 EA to convey important information and experiences shared out in the field. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook and be a part of the journey as this new technology spreads throughout our state.

I will gladly provide education, training, and a demonstration of the product. F-500 EA has proven itself in the field and it’s performance will make you a believer. Curious? Concerned? I am here to answer your questions and assist you through implementing the best fire fighting agent you’ll use.

I look forward to working with you!

Contact Information:

Carmelo Dela Fuente
Mobile: (209) 480-1935