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There are four main classes of fire. We know these are class A, B, C, and D. The classes are meant to establish clear guidelines about what fuel is being consumed. Class A are common materials (wood, paper, etc.) class B is made up of liquids like gas, class C are electrical fires, and class D is combustible metals used in regards to industry.

Since the beginning of time, water has always been used to combat against fire. Foam came into the picture in the 20th century and accomplished two things. The first, it put out fires faster. Second, it complicated how we fight these fires.

Types of foam:

  • Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF)
  • Alcohol Resistant (AR-AFFF)
  • Synthetic – medium or high expansion types (detergent)
  • Class “A” Foam Concentrate
  • Wetting Agent
  • Fluoroprotein
  • Protein
  • Film Forming Fluoroprotein (FFFP)

Technology has obviously made an impact to smarter fire fighting. The above foams are all improvements from using water alone and even more foams are being developed for modern day fires. But what if the technology has already gone beyond foams? What if we help water be a stronger, better version of itself instead of dealing with all these different foams?

Save Time, Save Energy, Save Money

How much time could be saved if we simplified the training of fire suppression? Is there a product that can truly replace eight foams? Save time, save energy, and save money by switching to F-500 encapsulator agent. F-500 replaces all the foams listed above. It outperforms foam even when an expensive CAFS is aiding the foam effort.

Watch the video:

You don’t have to keep eight different foams in stock. You don’t have to train on a product that will be replaced with newer, better technology. Let’s fight each fire by making water 20 times more effective. Let’s multiply the knockdown, the cooling, the burnback resistance to protect firefighters and property. Don’t spend your budget buying multiple types of foam. Buy the one agent that beats them all and start saving that money for more important matters.

F-500 is the answer.

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-Carmelo Dela Fuente