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This video shows F-500 Encapsulator Agent at only ½% extinguishing this car fire in about 5 seconds. Notice how fast the temperature drops from 2000ºF to 78 ºF in seconds.

According to NFPA, 15% of the calls firefighters make are car fires, and today’s car fires are more challenging than ever. Shouldn’t you have the best tools available?

Magnesium Components – F-500 EA will not explode, like when using water or foam. It rapidly cools and extinguishes Class D steering columns, dashboards and door frames.

Lithium-ion Batteries – Only F-500 EA has been recommended by independent companies for today’s hybrid and electric car fires, minimizing the amount of water needed.

Polar and Nonpolar Fuels – You don’t need AFFF for diesel fuel and AR-AFFF for ethanol-blended fuels. F-500 EA extinguishes both fuels. If there’s a fuel spill, the F-500 EA encapsulates the fuel, rendering it nonflammable. Firefighters can safely work the scene and traffic can continue.

Watch this impressive video.

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Put the Engineered Advantage of F-500 Encapsulator Agent to work for you.