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According to the Department of Energy, one in five transformer failures will result in a fire. With 132,000 large transformers in the United States and an average age of 40 years, failures are expected to increase 500%.

Are you prepared for a transformer fire? Water, foam and powder may take days to extinguish transformer fires.

In July, 2009, FDNY responded to another transformer fire and failed to extinguish it with foam and powder. The HAZMAT team suggested they try F-500 Encapsulator Agent. F-500 EA extinguished the transformer fire in less than two minutes.

This led to extensive testing by ConEdison to find a solution for transformer fires.

F-500 EA’s unique ability to fight three-dimensional, Class B transformer fires by rapidly cooling the massive metal and encapsulating the burning oil made it the only agent ConEdison recommends for transformer fires.

This impressive video shows the ConEdison testing.

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