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F-500 Encapsulator Agent Extinguishes One Million Tires!

LogoIn just a few hours, this tire fire spread to 28 mounds of one million tires, spreading thick, black smoke to nearby communities. After failing to extinguish the fire, 12,000 gallons of F-500 EA were flown in from Hazard Control Technologies’ headquarters in Fayetteville, Georgia.

Tire fires present complications for water and foams. As tires burn, they exude oil, becoming a Class B fire. Steel belting in the tires retains the heat and air gaps beneath the surface of a tire pile can sustain a fire for weeks. A blanket of foam on the surface of the pile is ineffective.

F-500 Encapsulator Agent is perfectly suited for these fires. F-500 EA encapsulates the oil, rendering it nonflammable. It also penetrates deep into the pile and cools the tires and the steel belting. Finally, F-500 EA interrupts the free radical chain reaction, reducing toxins and turning the thick, black smoke into a white vapor.

Watch as F-500 Encapsulator Agent saves the day extinguishing this huge tire fire.