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Hazard Control Technologies (HCT) is pleased to announce that Environmental and Lubrication Solutions, Inc. (ELS) in Modesto, CA has been appointed as an exclusive representative of HCT’s fire suppression product line for the fire service industry in northern California. ELS will be offering HCT’s complete Pinnacle foam product line, including Pinnacle Class A foam, Pinnacle Class B AFFF (UL Listed) and Pinnacle Class B AR-AFFF (UL Listed), F-500 Encapsulator Agent (UL Listed) and firefighting equipment.

ELS will be introducing the advantages of an advanced category of fire suppression agent known as “Encapsulator Agent.” Encapsulator Agents provide engineered solutions to new and evolving hazards found in today’s vehicles, structures and industry, which traditional foams cannot address.

Whether you need a supply of traditional foam or want to learn more about how we can put the engineered advantage of Encapsulator Agents to work for you to reduce costs and improve firefighter performance and safety, give us a call or send us an email.