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By The Numbers

The airdrop you see on the left is a pretty standard sight during a big wildfire. The plane flies overhead and the rust colored agent falls along fire lines or on the fire itself. After doing some research into the numbers, I see less fire suppression and more money being dropped by those planes. The following is a surface comparison of two fire suppression agents. The first is Phos-Chek, a fire retardant/fertilizer and the second is F-500 encapsulator agent.


We know F-500 EA cools down the fuel and can be used as an effective fire retardant. We know F-500 EA makes water 20 times more effective when fighting a fire. So why are we using something that is less effective, more expensive, and potentially toxic in these wildfires? These numbers and F-500 EA’s performance shows why modern fires need a modern solution.

F-500 is:

F-500 bio


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