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But you mostly use water, which saves a lot of money, right?  Not so fast.  Even using F-500 EA at ½ % on Class A fires can save money.  Why?  Knockdown is incredibly fast with F-500 EA, so there is less property damage, less water used, fewer calls for additional water, and diking and drafting would be rare. At the fire station, there’s no need to inventory Class A foam, AFFF, AR-AFFF and powders; F-500 EA does it all. There is less time on the scene. Firefighters are ready for the next call. There are no steam burn injuries and there’s less fatigue. Overhaul is faster and rekindles are rare.

Only one agent reduces carcinogenic toxins in the smoke 98.6% – F-500 EA.

And fuel spills on the highway? F-500 EA mitigates spills in minutes, rendering the fuel nonflammable. Traffic can safely continue. The scene is safe. Or, you can apply foam for 15 minutes per NFPA 11 to make the fuel semi-safe. Then, apply absorbent which becomes a flammable, hazardous waste that someone has to remove.

The choice is simple – F-500 Encapsulator Agent.  Read more below.

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