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You are the guardians of the highways in your area. And those car fires are hotter than ever with synthetics, plastics, tires, magnesium components, lithium-ion batteries and polar or nonpolar Class B fuels. One agent handles all of those hazards – F-500 EA.

Today’s ethanol-blended fuels, like E10 and E85 are Class B polar solvents and require the more expensive foams – AR-AFFF. . . or, you could just use F-500 EA, which is excellent on Class A, B and D fires.

This video shows F-500 EA on a pure ethanol fire. If it can extinguish pure ethanol, you know it can handle E10 or E85.

Take a look at this short video.

If we can help you with any questions about F-500 Encapsulator Agent, Pinnacle foams or the new TKO Nozzle, please let us know.