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Lithium Ion batteries will soon be a $14 billion dollar industry around the world.  Tesla even unveiled a plan to have their lithium ion batteries in your home. With that kind of growth there is also the potential for hazards occurring in more and more locations where these batteries are manufactured, stored, and sold. Regardless of how well they are made, lithium batteries have a chance of spontaneous ignition and when these cells are in close proximity to each other, the fire can expand and grow in intensity very quickly.


Tests were conducted in Germany and F-500 Encapsulator Agent emerged as a leading fire suppression agent to battle such fires.

Typically, a lithium battery fire requires a lot of water to knockdown and control. It burns so hot the water can evaporate before it even reaches the fuel causing flare ups and becoming another hazard to confront. With F-500 EA the suppression agent reaches the fuel and rapidly cools it down beneath the auto ignition temperature. F-500 EA achieves suppression by cooling, isolation, and containment. Commonly known as SCIC.

Watch this video to see how effective F-500 EA brings this kind of fire under control. (Skip to 4:30 for the fully involved fire and suppression)

Notice the second pile of batteries was extinguished using only two fire extinguishers? No other agent can compare! Is your fire department or company ready to effectively deal with this modern day fire?

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