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F-500 Encapsulator Agent excels at complex, three –dimensional fires where two or more Classes of fire are involved, because F-500 EA can be used on Class A, B, D and even some Class C  fires. Tires are a Class A fire, but as they burn, they give up oil, becoming a Class B fire. Plus, they are a three-dimensional fire, so foam has a hard time forming a blanket. Also, foam traps in the heat, so re-ignition can occur.

F-500 EA was the hero on two major tire fires in the United States, each with a million tires. One was Gila River, AZ and the other was Watertown, WI.  F-500 EA was recommended after suppression efforts failed.

In this short video, F-500 EA extinguishes this tire fire in seconds. Watch the black smoke turn into a warm, white vapor and listen as the temperature drops from 1580 to 81 degrees in seconds.

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