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F-500 is an encapsulator agent that rapidly cools the fuel and traps the hydrocarbons involved within a fire.

Advances in fire suppression technology are needed to battle modern day fires. What if you could fight a fire in a better, smarter fashion? What if the fire suppression agent you used could be as useful as another fire fighter at your side? And finally, what if this agent could streamline training, save your department/city/state time and money?

F-500 EA accomplishes all of the above and more.

F-500 EA quickly cools the fuel of the fire bringing it beneath the re-ignition temperature MUCH faster than foam.
F-500 EA traps hydrocarbons making hazardous materials (like gasoline and ethanol) non-ignitable, non-flammable, and non-explosive.
F-500 EA saves time and money by replacing all types of foam. It can save time by streamlining training and it’s quick knockdown and control capabilities.

Here is how fast F-500 EA works:

Burnback Resistance



Take a look at this video that demonstrates how effective F-500 EA is when tested against AFFF foam.

Give me a call to set up an appointment and a free demonstration! Or go to our online store to buy F-500 EA right away.

Carmelo Dela Fuente
F-500 EA Rep.