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How do we get you to believe F-500 Encapsulator Agent is the fire suppression agent of the future?

Encapsulator Agents are now recognized by NFPA because they are a valuable alternative to foams and wetting agents.

•    Less inventory – One agent for Class A, Class B (polar and nonpolar), Class C (lithium-ion batteries, transformers), Class D

•    Greatly reduces carcinogenic toxins – up to 98%

•    Eliminates scalding steam

•    Renders hydrocarbon spills nonflammable

•    Faster knockdown; faster overhauls – less agent used

•    Less water – less diking, drafting, run-off and calls for more water

There is no better or faster agent for car fires. F-500 EA attacks car fires without magnesium explosions and has been recommended by a many companies as the solution for lithium-ion battery hybrid and electric car fires.

The attached flyer shows the capabilities of foam compared to F-500 Encapsulator Agent.

If you don’t use F-500 EA yet, you should read this.