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Making Water More Effective

Water versus fire. The everlasting struggle between elements. When fighting a fire, water cools down the source (fuel) of the flames and with enough water, you can douse any fire and remove the heat from the fuel. The problem with today’s modern fires is the fire is just too hot for the water to reach the fuel before evaporating. The problems of today’s fires cannot be solved with a blanket of foam or powerless water additives.

Modern Day Fires

With the introduction of the latest technologies, you’re facing fires that include lithium ion batteries, metallic components that can burn up to 5000 degrees, and resource restrictions (drought or in the middle of nowhere). What we really need is a change of heart about the suppression of these fires. It’s no longer good enough that a fire eventually gets extinguished. We need to start protecting lives and property in a better, smarter fashion.

How Encapsulator Agents Can Make The Difference

Encapsulator Agents (F-500 EA) is a super serum for water. It makes water 20 times more effective. Which means more heat is removed more quickly. To give an example, think of a ping pong ball as a normal water molecule. Enough “ping pong” balls can eventually suppress a fire. Add in F-500 and that ping pong ball turns into a bowling ball making the knockdown and control of the same fire much easier and much faster. The upgraded F-500 encapsulator agent molecule draws and shares the heat from the fuel. Think of a copper rod touching an electrical source. The electricity would race away from the source. This is how encapsulator agents drastically improve our fights against fire.

Imagine putting a fire out in seconds instead of minutes. Hours instead of days. It’s all possible by making the choice to change what we’re using.

Watch the following video to see the difference.

Please contact me to learn more about encapsulator agents and fire suppression.

-Carmelo Dela Fuente