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Don’t Be Fooled By Foams


Recently, I engaged in an online conversation where suppression agents were compared with one another. By the end of the discussion, three agents were left battling out details where we tried to out perform each other with facts and technical data. We weren’t fooled by foams saying they could do the same thing our F-500 encapsulator agent does and I hope you won’t be fooled either.

Snake Oil?

This is one of the biggest terms used when foam guys talk about F-500. The reason they say this is because they are afraid. Afraid of the power of our product and how much our product improves the safety and execution of fire fighting today. There are currently eight types of foams that are used on class A, B, and D fires. The training, mix, and equipment needed are different for each. You can’t use foam on a class C fire because of conductivity. F-500 EA can be used on all four of these classes and you’ll get the same superior performance each and every time.

Take fire fighting to the next level with the best fire suppression agent on the market. Plus, it’s safe for the environment. It’s safe for the fire fighter. It’s safe to use on four classes of fire.

Contact me today to discuss your fire suppression needs.

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How To Make Water More Effective When Suppressing A Fire

Making Water More Effective

Water versus fire. The everlasting struggle between elements. When fighting a fire, water cools down the source (fuel) of the flames and with enough water, you can douse any fire and remove the heat from the fuel. The problem with today’s modern fires is the fire is just too hot for the water to reach the fuel before evaporating. The problems of today’s fires cannot be solved with a blanket of foam or powerless water additives.

Modern Day Fires

With the introduction of the latest technologies, you’re facing fires that include lithium ion batteries, metallic components that can burn up to 5000 degrees, and resource restrictions (drought or in the middle of nowhere). What we really need is a change of heart about the suppression of these fires. It’s no longer good enough that a fire eventually gets extinguished. We need to start protecting lives and property in a better, smarter fashion.

How Encapsulator Agents Can Make The Difference

Encapsulator Agents (F-500 EA) is a super serum for water. It makes water 20 times more effective. Which means more heat is removed more quickly. To give an example, think of a ping pong ball as a normal water molecule. Enough “ping pong” balls can eventually suppress a fire. Add in F-500 and that ping pong ball turns into a bowling ball making the knockdown and control of the same fire much easier and much faster. The upgraded F-500 encapsulator agent molecule draws and shares the heat from the fuel. Think of a copper rod touching an electrical source. The electricity would race away from the source. This is how encapsulator agents drastically improve our fights against fire.

Imagine putting a fire out in seconds instead of minutes. Hours instead of days. It’s all possible by making the choice to change what we’re using.

Watch the following video to see the difference.

Please contact me to learn more about encapsulator agents and fire suppression.

-Carmelo Dela Fuente

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The Problem With Firefighting Foam


Firefighting foam has been around for over 100 years

First invented in 1902 by Aleksandr Loran, foam has been a significant improvement to firefighting efforts all over the world. Foams have slowly improved over the past century to widen it’s use on different fuels. The main problem with foam is it’s inability to fight three dimensional fires.

“Foam is not a good tool for three dimensional Class B fires, or fires involving pressurized flammable liquids or gases”
-Rod Carringer, Class A Foam Awareness and Operations Level Workbook and Glossary.

Foam suppresses a fire by forming a blanket over the fuel of the fire, cutting off it’s access to air. If the fuel is contained (in a pool or barrel for example) this blanket can be quite effective. As with all blankets, heat is trapped beneath and the fuel is hot enough to re-ignite once the foam layer is broken. Modern day fires are rarely seen in this  form. From house/car fires to wildfires, the surface is three dimensional. Foam cannot suffocate a 3D fire efficiently.

When you watch a foam demonstration, the fire is almost always 2 dimensional. They don’t want you to see this weakness.

It’s Time to Upgrade

F-500 Encapsulator Agent is a new category of fire suppression. Instead of forming a blanket, the fuel of the fire is rapidly cooled rendering it non-ignitable, non-flammable, and non-explosive. F-500 EA works on any 3D surface and makes water 20 times more effective. We need the brave men and women firefighters to upgrade their suppression technology to match the challenges of modern day fires. F-500 EA is the answer.

This 3 dimensional flowing jet fuel fire was extinguished in 21 seconds. Click to watch the video.

Contact me to learn more about fire suppression.

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Wildfire Suppression By The Numbers…

By The Numbers

The airdrop you see on the left is a pretty standard sight during a big wildfire. The plane flies overhead and the rust colored agent falls along fire lines or on the fire itself. After doing some research into the numbers, I see less fire suppression and more money being dropped by those planes. The following is a surface comparison of two fire suppression agents. The first is Phos-Chek, a fire retardant/fertilizer and the second is F-500 encapsulator agent.


We know F-500 EA cools down the fuel and can be used as an effective fire retardant. We know F-500 EA makes water 20 times more effective when fighting a fire. So why are we using something that is less effective, more expensive, and potentially toxic in these wildfires? These numbers and F-500 EA’s performance shows why modern fires need a modern solution.

F-500 is:

F-500 bio


Buy some F-500 now or call the number below for a free consultation and demo!

-Carmelo Dela Fuente
F-500 EA Sales Rep.
(209) 480-1935

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The Solution to Bio Mass Fires

I read in the local #ModBee newspaper about #Tracy #BioMass fire. F-500 is very effective in these types of fires. These fires burn beneath the surface, so you need an agent designed to penetrate. Enough oxygen is available beneath the surface to sustain combustion, so laying foam on the surface won’t smother these fires.

F-500 Encapsulator Agent will penetrate deep and provide the burn back resistance needed to extinguish #BioMass fires.  At the same time, F-500 EA cools the fuel.  If you remove the heat; you remove the fire!  Finally, F-500 EA is versatile.  One agent can handle the varied things you would find in a landfill; Class A (paper, plastics, fabrics), Class B (oil in tires) or even Class D metals.

  • Manufactured in compliance with HCT’s ISO 9001 Quality System – Accredited by FM Global.
  • Non-toxic and Non-skin Sensitizing
  • Nonhazardous – Contains no ingredients reportable under Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act (SARA) or Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA).
  • 100% fully Biodegradable
  • EPA NCP Product Schedule List

Why F-500 EA is the Answer

F-500 Encapsulator Agent is well suited for near-surface and deep-seated fires that occur in landfill and landfill type mounds due to its versatility. No other single fire suppression agent is capable of handling Class A, B (polar and nonpolar) and D fires.

F-500 EA extinguishes a fire in three ways. It cools the fuel and surrounding surfaces, encapsulates the fuel and interrupts the free radical chain reaction. Any one of those elements can extinguish a fire. The F-500 EA molecules change the way water cools a fire from steam conversion to thermal conveyance. The F-500 EA solution will be capable of reducing the temperature 10-20 times greater than plain water alone.

F-500 EA reduces the surface tension of the water, allowing the solution to penetrate into the pores of Class A materials. Reducing the surface tension also allows the solution to penetrate deep, below the surface of the burning mass. Finally, it allows the agent to cover a broader area than water alone.

F-500 EA also has superb burn back resistance characteristics. Once the F-500 EA is applied, the area will not fuel the fire. Firefighters can move on to the next area.

The reduced amount of water required will result in much less runoff and less need to bring in additional vehicles carrying water. For a large landfill fire, this could mean the difference between success and failure.

Finally, from an environmental standpoint, interrupting the free radical chain reaction quickly eliminates the heavy, black smoke and greatly reduces toxins and odors.

Buy some F-500 EA to try today in our online store.

Why Foam is NOT the Answer

Foam is the last agent you would want to use on a landfill type fire. To extinguish a fire, foam must create a perfect blanket and smother the fire. The problem is, foam sits on the surface and doesn’t penetrate into the burning mass at all. The thick blanket of foam traps in the heat. There is plenty of oxygen in the mass underneath the foam blanket to sustain combustion. Even creating a blanket is difficult since a landfill and landfill type setting is a three-dimensional fire, and NFPA 11 states, foam is not suitable to three-dimensional fires.

Call for a free demo and consultation!

Carmelo Dela Fuente
F-500 EA Rep.

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Tesla and the Fire Challenges of Lithium Ion Batteries

Lithium Ion batteries will soon be a $14 billion dollar industry around the world.  Tesla even unveiled a plan to have their lithium ion batteries in your home. With that kind of growth there is also the potential for hazards occurring in more and more locations where these batteries are manufactured, stored, and sold. Regardless of how well they are made, lithium batteries have a chance of spontaneous ignition and when these cells are in close proximity to each other, the fire can expand and grow in intensity very quickly.


Tests were conducted in Germany and F-500 Encapsulator Agent emerged as a leading fire suppression agent to battle such fires.

Typically, a lithium battery fire requires a lot of water to knockdown and control. It burns so hot the water can evaporate before it even reaches the fuel causing flare ups and becoming another hazard to confront. With F-500 EA the suppression agent reaches the fuel and rapidly cools it down beneath the auto ignition temperature. F-500 EA achieves suppression by cooling, isolation, and containment. Commonly known as SCIC.

Watch this video to see how effective F-500 EA brings this kind of fire under control. (Skip to 4:30 for the fully involved fire and suppression)

Notice the second pile of batteries was extinguished using only two fire extinguishers? No other agent can compare! Is your fire department or company ready to effectively deal with this modern day fire?

Call me today for an appointment and free demo!

Carmelo Dela Fuente
F-500 EA Rep.
(209) 480-1935

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What is F-500 EA and Why is it so Effective?

FF Training

F-500 is an encapsulator agent that rapidly cools the fuel and traps the hydrocarbons involved within a fire. Continue reading What is F-500 EA and Why is it so Effective?

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Drought is Forcing Fire Fighters to Become More Creative


I recently read an article about Yuba City fire fighters who were going through water shuttle training.  Continue reading Drought is Forcing Fire Fighters to Become More Creative

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Kings County Fire Fighters Receive Extended Training on F-500 EA

The First Training Class and Live Demonstration of the New Year…

was given in Hanford, CA on 3/13/2015. The class included technical data about F-500 Encapsulator Agent, it’s effects on the fire tetrahedron, and uses not commonly known. Following the continuing education was a live demonstration of the product in action. Continue reading Kings County Fire Fighters Receive Extended Training on F-500 EA

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Volunteer Fire Departments Save Time, Training, and Money using F-500 EA


Train Faster and Smarter

Back in the good old days, if there was a fire, you point a hose and spray water to put the fire out. In present times, there are many choices of fire suppression agents and equipment to aid our fire fighters. Each new piece takes a lot of time and energy to train volunteers. Time we could better utilize if their training was more efficient.

Continue reading Volunteer Fire Departments Save Time, Training, and Money using F-500 EA

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F-500 EA Can Save Your Department Money

In today’s economy, many fire department budgets are stretched to the limits. Tough decisions have to be made and sometimes those decisions can have dire consequences. When will you be able to upgrade your equipment? Will the old equipment work for another year or two? How can we afford the training we need? Are the men and women safe if we cut back on personnel? These are tough choices faced every day. Continue reading F-500 EA Can Save Your Department Money

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